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Petroleum Engineering For Other Disciplines (RATED ONE OF THE BEST COURSES ATTENDED) | 6th– 10th May 2019, Vietnam

Dear All,

Please find the 

agenda for the Masterclass. Besides I hope that you can help me to forward it to relevant person and CC to me. This workshop will be conducted by a Guru, Dr Bahman Tohidi from UK. He did have more than 40 years of experiences in Upstream and also one of the professors in Heriot Watt University ! His Previous clients have  Petronas,Repsol, PTT Group, Baker Hughes, Murphy and many more !!!


Here is some of the Highlight of this  workshop:

– Video presentations methodology to enable better understanding.

– The content of this masterclass consists of Geology, Drilling, Production, Reservoir, Processing, Flow Assurance and other additional topics.

– Understand all main aspect and learn a well – balanced knowledge of  Petroleum Engineering.

– Exposed on the story of oil from its origin to the end user.

– Being more effective/efficient in meetings/discussion.

– Gain trust and respect from others by having the educated communication.

This training is strictly limited to 30 delegates. Please do revert back to me ASAP for any nominations as I’m currently finalizing the last 20 seats. I will follow up with you again for your decision. Or, please give me your feedback by replying my email together with a reason upon unable to accept our invitation. This is to improve our service and quality for future events.

Should you have any queries or issues, please give me a call at +603 – 7727 3952.

Petroleum Engineering for Other Disciplines – PEFOD 2019 (Popular Demand)
02 Sep – 06 Sep, 2019 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia SGD 4995 Register Now
06 May – 10 May, 2019 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam SGD 4495 Register Now

Following information: Venue at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam | Training Date from 06 May 2019 till 10 May 2019

COURSE LEVEL DURATIONS Early Bird Discount Standard Price
STANDARD 5 day/s SGD 4495 Purchase it before 10 Apr 2019 SGD 4995


Gain a thorough overview of the fundamental operations in exploration, drilling, production, processing, transportation and refining of oil and gas

The oil and gas industry continues to play a vital role in the economy as energy demand rises. With governments, regulators and major industry players increasing their activities and investment into the industry, oil and gas is fast becoming one of the most lucrative areas for profit and career growth. However, to get a piece of this big pie, one needs a solid foundation in fundamental concepts of petroleum engineering.

Petroleum Engineering for Other Disciplines is a 5-day introductory course for professionals from non-petroleum engineering backgrounds who currently work in, or wish to enter the petroleum industry. It is specifically designed for those who want to enhance their knowledge and skills set for better career opportunities in oil and gas. The course is also suitable for individuals in the various fields – legal, financial, journalism or business etc. – whose job requires regular dealings with oil and gas, or simply wish to learn more about the industry.

Participants will learn about the story of oil, from its origin to the end user. The objective is to provide an overview of the fundamental operations in exploration, drilling, production, processing, transportation and refining of petroleum.

Course participants can to gain the following:

  • A thorough understanding of all the main aspects in petroleum engineering
  • Better knowledge and appreciation of the connection among various sections and roles within the oil and gas industry
  • Be able to evaluate risks and advice the relevant industries about oil and gas more confidently, accurately and effectively
  • Become familiar with the relevant abbreviations and terminologies
  • Create more opportunities and execute projects more efficiently
  • Gain valuable insights on the petroleum industry and knowledge of recent developments that impact the industry process


Learn about the mechanism involved and conditions required for hydrocarbon reservoir formation, and the techniques used to find them.

Casing design, cementing, and how to access and evaluate hydrocarbon reservoir while minimizing risks and maximizing returns.

Learn about nodal analysis, well design, safety measures, wire line services, perforation, artificial lift, various production problems, work over, and advanced well, etc.

Discuss reservoir fluids and rock, production mechanism, primary and secondary recovery, enhanced oil recovery techniques (EOR), fluid sampling, laboratory testing, and reservoir simulation.

Learn about oil and gas processing (separating water, oil and gas), dehydration, water treatment, offshore developments, and environmental impact.


  •      Cost reduction: Factors controlling flow and pressure drop in the wellbore. (Production Engineering)
  •      Cost reduction: Factors affecting flow in reservoir. (Reservoir Engineering)
  •      Cost reduction: Securing uninterrupted and economical flow of reservoir fluids from reservoir to end users. ( Flow Assurance)
  •      Cost reductions: Latest developments in evaluating risks and prevention techniques. (Flow Assurance)


  • Introduction to petroleum – history and industry overview
  • Petroleum geology and geophysics
  • Oil drilling operations
  • Petroleum Production
  • Reservoir engineering
  • Oil and gas processing and treatment
  • Flow Assurance
  • Additional Topics : Intelligent pigging, Heavy oil, Unconventional reservoirs, and many more.


Professionals coming from other disciplines (Technical/Non-Technical) who wish to enhance their existing skills set and increase their understanding on fundamental operation of petroleum engineering to support their employment and career progression in the oil & Gas industry.

Legal – Accounting – Business Development Strategies –Service Providers to Oil & Gas industries – General Management (Chemical/Technology/Materials/Providers/Developers) –– Commercial – Finance – Finance & Administration – Government Agencies – Marketing & Publicity – Investment – Supply Chain – Logistic – Journalist – Tender / contract – Planning & Budgeting- Marine & Offshore – Engineering Services – Technical disciplines (Production, Drilling, Project, HSE, Exploration, E&I, Facilities, Researcher, Rotating)- instructor of other relevant topics who wish to know more about petroleum engineering.Human resources personnel who need to understand terminology and buzzwords on resumes.

For details, information on facilitator and the full course outline, please refer to the complete brochure below.

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