Job Description

Workplace: Ho Chi Minh
Field Superintendent (OIM – Blocks 102/106)



  • Direct Report: Head (Operations)
  • Division: International Asset
  • Position Grade: E2/E3
  • Skill Group: SKG16 (PETRONAS)


Manage and supervise the execution of overall operations and first line maintenance activities performed on Platform/FPSO/FSO/Plant through fullest utilization of resources and facilities to achieve the production targets, facilities integrity and HSE performance standards to maximize value returns and meeting stakeholders/customers/partners’ expectations.



**HSE Plan

Support the implementation of departmental HSE plan so as to achieve the highest HSE performance and standard.


  • Department HSE plan implementation (actual vs plan)
  • Contractor HSE performance

**Facilities Fundamental Operations

Lead and manage the Platform/FPSO/FSO/Plant day to day fundamental operations of producing/storing/processing hydrocarbon to meet the approved daily target and nomination i.e. for crude, gas and condensate, gas flaring/venting and water discharge limitation.


  • Compliance
  • Oil production (actual vs target)
  • Improvement Initiative

**Facilities First Line Maintenance

Lead and manage the execution of first line maintenance on Platform/FPSO/FSO/Plant facilities and major equipments to ensure all are done as per maintenance procedure and schedule to achieve highest availability and reliability of Platform/FPSO/FSO/Plant.


  • % completion of PPM
  • CM/PM ratio
  • Improvement Initiative

**Revision of Simulated Emergencies Drills and Exercises

Perform and review all simulated emergencies’ drills and exercises by continuous evaluation of procedures and response to meet high standard of readiness of the Platform/FPSO/FSO/Plant Emergency Response Team.


  • Compliance
  • Effectiveness

**Integrated Shutdown Coordination

Lead and manage the coordination of an integrated shutdown activities(drilling/workover/wireline/construction) planned on Platform/FPSO/FSO/Plant to ensure the identified activities are performed efficiently & safely, shutdown duration target is achieved and cost are within budget.


  • Compliance (actual vs plan)
  • Improvement Initiative

**Implementation of Simultaneous Operations

Manage and control the implementation of Simultaneous Operations versus an integrated activities of SIPROD/ SIPCOM planned on Platform/FPSO/FSO/Plant to ensure efficiency and safety of the Simultaneous Operations are achieved and all safety requirements specified in General Guidelines for Simultaneous Operations (GPSO) are adhered to.


  • Compliance
  • Effectiveness
  • Improvement Initiative

**Facilities Performance Evaluation

Analyze and evaluate the performance of Platform/FPSO/FSO/Plant operations and first line maintenance to identify key failure/success parameter to enable quick fix/improvement being performed and subsequently permanent solution/improvement being proposed through Facilities Improvement Proposal (FIP) to Production/ME/RIE’s for consideration and implementation.


  • Compliance
  • Improvement Initiative

**Effective Communication Frequency

Establish an appropriate communication frequency with relevant downstream/upstream players i.e FPSO/FSO/Gas-Crude Collecting Centre/Crude Pump Station/Gas-Oil Terminal/GPP/LNG Plant to ensure prompt respond can be acted with regards to tank top-bottom/shortfall – over supply/shutdown/off spec-quality in order to minimize/avoid domino effects and unnecessary upset/interruption on its own operations as well.


  • Compliance
  • Effectiveness

**Maintain Good Rapport & Networking

Establish and promote good rapport and networking within PETRONAS, host countries authorities, partners, stakeholders and industry officers to identify opportunities by leveraging on knowledge sharing, best practice and benchmarking.


  • Effectiveness
  • Improvement Initiative

**Coaching & Mentoring

– Coach, mentor and guide staff and conduct periodic performance review. Counsel/motivate staff to instill right mindset, behaviors and values to attain high performance standard.

– Determine capability requirement for department and develop staff and leaders through acquisition of skills and coaching.


  • Compliance
  • Effectiveness

**Generic Accountabilities

Networking and Relationship Building

Foster and sustain effective working relationships and rapport with the government authorities, business and management institutions, national and key industry players and service providers to keep abreast with latest development to capture new business opportunities.


  • Number of engagements sessions
  • Nos. of intervention programs

**Good Governance

Enforce the implementation of applicable PETRONAS procedures and guidelines and affect the compliance to statutory and legislative requirements to ensure conformance to the established Limits of Authority (LOA) to safeguard PETRONAS interest, image and reputation.


  • Compliance
  • Timeliness

**Codes of Conduct(COCD) and HSE Policies

Communicate, interpret and champion the execution of the objectives and provisions of the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies and Codes of Conduct and Discipline (COCD) and undertake appropriate mitigation and/or intervention programmes to safeguard business operations, high staff discipline and industrial harmony.


  • 100% compliance to COCD/HSE policies
  • Number. of intervention/ mitigation programs

**Leadership and Capability Development

Drive the development of competent working team that will enhance and sustain staff capabilities in achieving high performance delivery to ensure internalisation of the right leadership and capabilities in executing their jobs.


  • (%) of personal development
  • plans
  • (%) of coaching/mentor

**Mindset, Behaviour and Culture

Develop and implement distinctive mindset, behaviour and culture to achieve high work performance by adoption and implementation of value interventions, tools and methodologies to promote and instill high sense of commitment, ownership, integrity and loyalty that will contribute to operational excellence.


  • Number of interventions plans/ programs


  • Multinational environment:- Typical with international operation, the people he come across come from multi-nationalities, discipline & background of people, he must know how to make the best out of the available people & resources for the benefit of the organization.
  • HSE standard of contractor:- As he deals directly with contractors at the work site, he must continuously ensure contractors HSE standard at the minimum is at par with PCSB standard. He must strive to ensure contractor performance are continuously monitored and improved.


**Qualification & Experience:

  • Degree in any discipline, or
  • Diploma in Engineering from a recognized Polytechnic or equivalent and qualifications with the relevant working experience will be considered.
  • Maritime qualifications will be an added advantage
  • Experience in the management of technical function in the upstream oil and gas industry.
  • Must have at least 10 years working experience in offshore, onshore oil & gas industry with 05 years as a supervisor, OIM or Platform Superintendent
  • Must possess broad knowledge of oil/gas field operations equipment, technical systems with hydrocarbon processing environment
  • Must be familiar with operations/ maintenance/safe basic practices and procedures of the offshore oil/gas field industry
  • Trained for managing of major emergency (MME), and assigned emergency response commanding role for above 3 years.


  • Possess strong communication and negotiation skills
  • Possess strong interpersonal qualities with good networking, leadership skills and independent
  • Teamwork and strong emotional stability to work under pressure and tight deadlines


  • Understanding of E&P Business and technical/functional knowledge

Leadership Attributes

  • Leadership & Organizational awareness
  • Personal impact, influence & creative problem solving
How to Apply

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